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Meet Cassandra,

The Face Behind Red Fox Fitness!

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity - Lou Holtz 

The Red Fox Fitness brand was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, which we now know will have a long-term impact on our way of living. The nationwide (international!) lock down led to the closure of gyms, so as a fitness advocate and enthusiast, I had to get creative with my home workouts. Many of us around the world began converting spaces in our homes into mini gyms, which meant that home exercise equipment joined the ranks of hand sanitizers and toilet rolls in the initial rush to purchase essential items when the lockdown began. After spending a considerable amount of money on a number of workout equipment, I still did not feel that they met my fitness goals. I realized that most of these equipment, were either overpriced, of poor quality, or simply too complicated for everyday use. They did not cater to the average person, like you and I.

The Red Fox Fitness brand is dedicated to providing easy to use, high quality and affordable home workout equipment. My love for lower body and abdominal workouts made them the focus of our first product: Red Fox Resistant Bands, which we have now launched! They are fun, weighted fabric bands made from a blend of cotton and elastane. Our premium quality bands can be incorporated into any workout training and help to isolate and build muscle strength. They are super comfortable and do not roll up or slide around during use, which essentially allows you to do your repetitions and sets without interruptions. Red Fox Resistant Bands are available in a range of strengths: Light, Medium and Heavy, therefore catering to all, no matter what stage you are on your fitness journey.

As a young black woman, I have spent my entire life setting goals and challenging myself to reach my optimum potential. I want to help you do the same! Whether you are a beginner or pro, you are able to challenge yourself, capture your inner flame to build strength and stamina, with Red Fox Fitness products right in your corner.

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