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Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Bands:

Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle.

Lay flat to dry

**Please do not tumble dry your bands**


  • Always perform safety checks and inspect your bands carefully before each use for any tears, wear or damage. NEVER use a damaged band!

  • Always use proper footwear when looping bands over the foot. Proper footwear does not include flat soiled shoes, which may allow the band to slip off the foot. Use running shoes or shoes that have rubber tread soils for band safety. Always wear safety glasses if lying flat on the floor, table, or any apparatus while looping bands over the foot.

  • Resistance bands will eventually wear out over an extended period of time. If bands begin to peel, carefully trim the peeled edge with a small pair of scissors.

  • Always wear safety glasses or safety goggles for protection.

  • Never stretch any band more than twice its original length.

  • Do not use if there are loose hardware, stitching, thread, tears, fraying, abrasion, holes, or evidence of wear on any part of equipment or any mounting apparatus and/or door frame. When using door harness, be sure door & frame are secured; and door is locked at all time.

  • Be sure there are no people, no sharp and dangerous objects on floor and surrounding area. Do not exercise on slippery, cluttered or unstable surface.

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